**Schedule completely booked for 2019! Please contact me in January or take a look through the helpful information on this site so you can sign up for January 2020 Discovering Manual Mode! If you have a question you may email me at Lauren @ ArtLaBeau.com.**

Are you ready to move beyond auto on your DSLR camera? Have you been wanting to improve your photography skills? Now is the time!


ArtLaBeau Studios offers hands on classes that will take you from manual mode to finding the light on indoor and outdoor shoots. Join us in our charming studio  in Norman and get ready to step up your photography game! Our classes are great for all ages, couples, individuals, and groups. You'll have a blast making new memories and capturing them on camera!


A little bit about your teacher: Lauren LaBeau Steadley is an Oklahoma certified teacher. She taught in the public schools for 6 years before pursuing art and photography. She has taught photography classes for nearly 4 years now. Read more about Lauren here.

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