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Pet Portraits


Hi, I'm Lauren!

My dogs are my world. There is something so special about our beloved pets, our furry family members. Their unbridled joy and unconditional love inspire us to be better. I'm honored I get to capture their exceptional souls in a whimsical way on canvas to treasure forever.

I'm a proud dog mom living in Oklahoma following my dreams. I have been painting for over a decade and pets are what I love to paint the most. I am so honored to have painted close to 500 portraits of dogs, cats, horses, even goats!

ArtLaBeau Studios is a socially conscious company, a proud supporter of rescue dogs and a foster home for over 350 pups since 2011.


hand painted, petite pet portraits

Show off your precious pet in a whimsical and unique way. With a simplified shop and colorful style, ordering is a breeze. Gold appears often in my pieces and here's why: Gold represents the bright rays of light that illuminate our world, so naturally gold should be added to these portraits of our beloved pets! I don't know about you, but my four pups brighten all of my days with their unbridled joy and unconditional love. Click on the Shop tab to start the process. 

artLaBeau Studios | Norman, Oklahoma based artist | Lauren @

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