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It's no secret that my heeler mix and heart dog, Sophie, has changed my life. I adopted her in 2010 and it's been a beautiful adventure from day one. Rescue dogs (and cats, etc.) rock! I’d love to paint your rescued pet and share their story in order to help shed some light on how incredible these souls truly are. Let’s squash the false stereotype that there’s something inherently wrong with rescue animals. Humans have simply failed them. So, why not spread some joyful, happy stories? Tell me about your beloved rescue pet— whether it’s their rescue story, how they’ve thrived after shelter life, or even the tale of how they rescued you! Don’t forget to upload your favorite photo or a photo that you think would make a great painted portrait.

Every month I will paint a winning submission as one of three options: a small acrylic on canvas, a watercolor on aquabord, or a keepsake ornament on wood. The choice of medium will be up to me, the artist. Winners will be announced via a social media post that includes the painted portrait and their rescue story. Thank you for helping me share stories of these amazing pets!

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