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All photography classes are suspended until further notice due to the virus. The safety of my clients is of the utmost priority. 

Q: When will the 7pm class be available?

A: The second time slot for classes will open after the first class has reached the minimum number of students.


Q: Can I take classes with a friend?

A: Sure! Grab a friend to take classes with and you'll each receive a discount! Just shoot me an email at so I can send you the coupon code.

Q: What if I know I will miss one evening of class during the month?

A: If you are unable to attend one evening of class, a makeup session will be scheduled before class the following week. Example: You miss class on Tuesday the 14th. You may come 30 minutes before class Tuesday the 21st.


Q: When will I receive info on the class I signed up for like the address, what to bring, etc?

A: You will receive an email with all of the specifics a couple of days prior to your first class. So you can plan what time you need to leave your house, here's the studio address: 115 South Peters, Norman, OK 73069.


Class One: Discovering Manual Mode (4 weeks)

Class Two: Mastering Manual Mode (3 weeks)

Class Three: Finding the Light (3 weeks)


Class Four: Lightroom (4 weeks)

Class Five: Posing (3 weeks)

Bonus Classes: Travel photography, Joys of Childhood, Macro, Studio Lighting

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