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All photography classes are suspended until further notice due to the virus. The safety of my clients is of the utmost priority. 

What students are saying...

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Lauren’s photography classes are exactly what I was looking for as a beginner/enthusiast photographer. They are the perfect amount of information and hands on experience. I love that they are affordable and packed with helpful hands on practice. On a deeper level, I feel like these classes have given me an outlet to help develop my own unique style of photography, taking it to the next level. Lauren makes herself readily available to help with any questions we have or struggles we may be experiencing while practicing. She doesn’t hold anything back from her students. She desires to see her students thrive and it shows through her classes and availability to help. I think anyone could benefit from her classes, regardless of age or walk of life.



I recently took the discovering manual mode and mastering manual mode photography classes with Lauren at Art LaBeau Studios. It was super fun and easy to follow. Lauren does a great job at answering your questions, making it easy to follow, and making you feel welcomed. I love that I can now take great photos with the information I learned from her classes! 


Leather Camera

This class has been amazing. Not only do you get to know like minded people, but you learn so much about your digital SLR Camera. Whether you are new to the photography world, or you have a background in photography and just need to learn how to operate the new tech…this is a good class to take. Lauren is great at giving you the criticism you need with your photographs without discouraging you. Taking this class has renewed my love for photography, and I have more confidence in the quality of my pictures!


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