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October 'My Rescue Story'

Meet Eva | Paw Patrol Rescue

Read Eva's story below!

Emily writes, "While we have two rescue dogs, this story is about Eva, who was rescued by the amazing Paw Patrol Animal Rescue based in the Miami, FL area. Eva was found near an air force field in Homestead, FL during a massive storm Memorial Day weekend in 2020. But she wasn't alone. She was with a litter of 8 newborn puppies, hiding under a pile of large branches in mud and water. Animal control helped to rescue Eva and pups during torrential rain. This mama was protective of her pups, but knew that these people would help her. Over time, Eva's pups were adopted out to loving families, but Eva still had work to do; she was distrustful of people and scared of nearly everything. I found Eva through an Instagram post almost a year after her rescue. Her story and her cute face brought tears to my eyes. My husband agreed that we should meet her, but of course our older dog (Riley) would have to approve. Eva's foster mom was protective of Eva and wanted to make sure she went to a good home. When Eva came over for a house visit, I met her outside and to foster mom's surprise, Eva came right up to me. The visit went well, and Riley appeared to approve. Foster Mom told us, "You guys have something really special here." Two weeks later, the adoption was official! We've had Eva for almost 3 years now, and she's grown so much. She's sweet, silly, and absolutely loves her family. I'll never know what life was like before her rescue, but we are so lucky to have her and her adorable ears."



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