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August 'My Rescue Story' Winner

Meet Yumi | Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA) Downey Animal Shelter

Read Yuma's rescue story below!

Monique writes, "It’s been almost year since our little darling Yumi passed but I still cry and smile just by saying her name. Yumi means beautiful in Japanese, so let me tell you our beautiful story. I adopted her from Downey Animal Shelter (SEAACA) where I used to work as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Yumi had skin lacerations on her neck, likely from an embedded collar when she came in. She always propped the tip of her nose on the railing of the kennel door waiting or just people watching. Every time she sees me, she runs from her kennel to where my table was and immediately rolls on her back for a belly rub. I fell in love and I forgot how much stressful it was coming to work. It was an easy decision to adopt her, especially when I saw her number on the euthanasia list. I actually hid her information card while waiting for her papers to come through, I got so anxious that they will accidentally euthanize her! Her personality started to shine, she wasn’t too calm after all. She runs in circles, forgetful, has a 20 second attention span. Chases butterflies but scared of flies, loves sniffing flowers, plays with her food, laundry, dips her entire nose in the water bowl and acts like she almost drowned after. She was the best. She is our best girl. We went on many adventures for 13 years. She was my pup-of-honor on our wedding. She was our light and our joy and our hearts are still longing for her. Our world is definitely dimmer without Yumi’s light."


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