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When should I contact you to book a session? 

For pet & family sessions, please contact me at least a month in advance. This will give us time to plan and ensure your date on the calendar! I take on a limited number of clients each month to ensure amazing quality and service. 


For maternity and newborn sessions, please contact me during your second trimester. I photograph maternity clients between 32 and 38 weeks. I love to see those babies between 8 and 21 days old. I book you for your due date, then you shoot me an email or text within 24 hours of your sweet baby's birth so we can confirm the exact date and time. If your baby is a premie, then we can wait several weeks. 

Why are you more expensive than other photographers?

Photographers these days are a dime a dozen. With the ability to buy DSLR cameras freely, for a small amount of money... EVERYONE thinks they can call themselves a photographer.


I run a legit business. Meaning... I pay 25-35% in taxes. There is A LOT that goes into running a successful business. I am constantly investing in my education, new and unique props, and stunning heirloom pieces so you know you are getting a one of a kind session. I even create or purchase special backdrops for clients.


I refuse to just give you crummy images on a disc. I offer unique and gorgeous professional products that will withstand the test of time that consumers simply don't have access to. My clients are all well informed prior to the booking process. There are no guessing games when it comes to prices.


Most photographers are not running their business this way. That's fine! That's how I stand out from the sea of photographers in this area. My clients LOVE the memories we've captured. They are truly works of art.


While I do offer great wall art options and heirloom prints for you, digital files provided for every session. 


Don't wait on these moments. These are times you cannot get back, but you can relive them through the power of photographs. Shouldn't they be great?

What should I bring to a session? 

Just yourself! For family sessions, I have quilts, blankets, and flower crowns for that special added touch. My studio has plenty of props, headbands, and other unique items. I even have a selection of maternity gowns, tulle skirts, and lacey frocks for client use. 

Can I make payments? 

Sure! Sometimes clients just want it all! I try my best to work with all budgets because I believe everyone should have their memories captured and turned into beautiful art.

How long are your sessions? 

All outdoor sessions are approximately one hour. If you've planned a family outdoor session, even if you don't think your kiddos can hold their attention that long, trust me! Our sessions are so much fun and the time will fly by! If you've booked a pet or milestone session in studio, it will last approximately 30 minutes. I am not worried about session time. I want to make sure we grab magical memories during the session and by far the majority of my time is spent editing your images.

During the newborn session, can we capture family and sibling images? 

Of course! We complete those photos first so you can sit back and relax for the remainder of the session. All at no extra cost!

When will I see the images? 

After your session, I will cull, lightly edit, and create a gallery within two weeks. You will be able to choose your favorite images that I will further edit and print.

What's your most popular product? 

Clients adore my fine art wall prints. Your image is printed on a material that mimics watercolor paper with incredible richness and detail. The piece of art is then glazed and framed. When it is completed your captured memory is truly a breathtaking work of art!

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