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6 ways I'm different than other photogs!

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and reading this post. It's one that is near and dear to my heart. If you are choosing to invest in something as personal as a photography session, I believe you should know a little about the person behind the trade and why they deserve your business.

Heritage Print on Wood, 16x24

1. I'm one of the few full-service family photographers in Norman.

Lots of photographers simply give you a link to your files or hand you a thumb drive. The transaction is over and now you're left to research where the best place is to print your photos, what sizes will fit your walls, or the task of creating a beautiful album. Suddenly, the research is daunting and so is the amount of time you have to put into creating the artwork.

I used to pass out thumb drives (even CDs... what?!), and my job was done. I was leaving my clients to fend for themselves until I realized the tremendous value in going the extra mile. It's incredibly important to me for clients to walk away with so much more than digital files that live in the computer forever. I want you to have stunning, heirloom keepsakes-- wall art, albums, fine art prints- to pass down to children and grandchildren. It's all about building a tangible legacy.

2. I know the healing power of family photographs.

You never want to think that a family photo will be your last. It happens. It happened to me. After my dad died when I was 12, I cherished every single photograph with him. Most were not recent. My sister was 9, my brother was 3, and it was completely life changing for all of us. When I document a session, I try to focus on every single moment big or small. Of course you want to capture everyone smiling at the camera, but I want to capture the way your kiddos hug you, the Eskimo kisses, or the big belly laughs you can only have with those you love more than anyone else in the world. I understand how precious each moment is and will capture that for you.

3. I treat all my clients to a professional styling service.

Figuring out the perfect outfit, location, and coordinating all family members can be exhausting. I absolutely love assisting with wardrobe (I even have an optional client closet for the ladies). I have lots of tips and tricks to send you and have plenty of mama's actually send me photos from the store to help with final choices. I'm an artist at heart so colors, patterns, and textures are my thing!

4. I'm an artist!

Yup, you read that in number three, but it counts for a lot in photography! I understand composition, lighting, and colors from the mindset of a painter. Your photos will be unique and artistically created.

5. I'm easy going, a former teacher, and an introvert.

That might read as points 5, 6, an 7, but they all attribute to a stress-free, fun session whether you have an outgoing child who needs direction (teacher!), a camera shy kiddo (or husband, let's be honest here!), or you tend to get stressed when you want something to go perfectly. I love working with everyone and am empathetic to the typical stress that goes along with a photo session. We always have an adventure and capture beautiful memories! Most of my clients turn into friends and for that I am beyond grateful.

6. Take it from past clients.

I really have been blessed with some of the most incredible clients around. Several have taken the time to share their experience. I'll create a brand new page for those!



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