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Hi there! I think it's fun to know the person behind the camera or paintbrush, so here we go! I'll keep it short & sweet. My name is Lauren LaBeau Steadley and I'm lucky enough to be married to my sweet husband, Ryan, for almost 11 years now. I'm dog obsessed, but more on that at the end. I absolutely LOVE to paint. It’s my happy place, my therapy, my passion. I had a lightbulb moment a couple years ago when I realized I could incorporate painting into my photography with the hand-painted backdrops. Duh! I wish I had thought of that sooner! I’m a dreamer, but also incredibly aware of how unpleasant this world can be, so I’m grateful I can try to use art to make the world a more beautiful place.

Alright, this next bit is a tad clichéd and personal, but necessary to tell my story and my why. My dad died unexpectedly when I was twelve and that loss has shaped the rest of my life. And I don't mean in a negative way. He was amazing, I was one lucky kid! It just brought to the forefront the reality that we have got to treasure every darn moment we've got on this earth and make sure to leave it a better place when we're gone. He did. It could be tomorrow, it could be in fifty years. When I photograph young families (my favorite!!!) I am always reminded of how whimsical and how fleeting my childhood years were. These memories really do last a lifetime. I'm lucky my dad took the time to make so many memories with me. And my mom too, of course. She was the one taking so many pictures! So, take those photos, take the trip, take the time out for a date night, take those memories and hold them close! The photos I have of my dad are all my husband knows him by. And you better believe those are priceless!

Short & sweet... I'm trying! Quick rundown:

Husband, painting, photography, family... Traveling! One word: Paris. The art, the food, the wine! C'est une belle vie. My first trip to Paris is why I signed up for photography classes in the first place! Paris and Sophie, that is.

Oh, Sophie. I love dogs, but most of all my Sophie girl, my heart dog. Memories with her are cherished. We all know a dog's life is way, way too short. She'll be nine this year! She has inspired me to do many things, two of which are photography, like I said, and also fostering rescue pups. We adopted our three and hope to continue to give other abandoned pups a chance at life and the kind of love all dogs deserve. We've fostered around 200 dogs within the last eight years... SO rewarding (soooo much work, but you're constantly rewarded with puppy kisses and snuggles!). I LOVE it when clients bring their furry friends to photo sessions and am grateful for all the pets I’ve painted throughout the years.

Lastly, I was an elementary school teacher for 6 years, then took a leap of faith to start a small business. From pet portraits to photo sessions to photography classes, I am BUSY! But I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope to continue this dream for years to come. Thank you for sharing in apart of it!


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