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I Shall Always Love a Purple Iris

My sister had my beautiful niece, Emma, in October. What a tremendous joy she is! Still, a sorrowful feeling snuck in as I thought of our dad. I know he would have been over the moon holding his first grand baby. A crying, smiling, jovial mess! His family was his world and with every graduation, wedding, and now baby born we are reminded bittersweetly of his absence. His physical absence of course. I know he's watching over my sister and her new bundle of joy and smiling down on them. Knowing how much my dad loves his family and how much we love him, I knew I needed to create something extra special for my sister.

"I shall always love a purple iris" found on a bench in Cambria, CA

What to do?

I brainstormed. What was special to my dad that would work well for a newborn girl? Golf? No. Milk duds? Nope. The Lakers? Only if she were my child. ;) My dad's favorite flower was a purple iris. Voila! I was so excited! This was it! The baby wasn't even born yet and I couldn't wait to show my sister the final product!

The Session

I traveled from Norman to Owasso to capture Emma within her first couple weeks of life. Bringing just a few props, no studio lighting, and my camera I set to work. I used window light and a reflector. This image doesn't look like much SOOC, but I had a plan.

See full size image below


I utilized Photoshop to the max for this one. I didn't have a purple wrap or crown! I placed sweet Emma on this digital backdrop in PS then color changed, liquified, and more. To sum that amount of editing up in just a sentence is almost a sin. Hours well spent though!

The Print

I took a risk and decided to print this large for my sister and her hubby! It's a special memory that I knew should last many years to come (archival value is 100+ years, actually!). I ordered a fine art print from my pro photo lab and my breath was taken away when I saw it in person. The paper has a light, watercolor texture and delicate feel. I couldn't believe how rich the colors were. Yet I still had to wait a couple more weeks to deliver it! Eek!

Well, of course my sister loved it! They're framing it to be the centerpiece of their living room. As they walked out of the framing store, they told Emma, "Ok, we'll have it hanging forever. And Emma, you need to have it hanging forever, then your kids will need to after that." It's truly an heirloom piece and will last that long.

So, here's Emma surrounded by purple irises and my dad's love that knows no bounds.

And don't forget to print your memories!!! Your heart will leap every time you walk into the room!


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