ArtLaBeau Studios Keepsake Ornaments

orn branch 2020-001.jpg

Q. What is a keepsake ornament? 

A: A custom painted portrait of one pet on a wood slice. It's a great personalized gift for the animal lover in your life (even if that's you!).

Q: When will they be in your shop?

A: 2020 Release Dates: The first round of ornaments will be released October 5th at 6pm and October 6th at 9am (central time zone). The final round of ornaments will be released December 1st at 6pm and December 2nd at 9am.I never want to rush through any ornaments as these truly are keepsakes people treasure for the rest of their lives so I can only take a limited number.

Q: What is the link to your shop?



Q. What size is the wood and how do you get it?

A: The birch slices are approximately 2.5-3 inches in diameter, have a charming raw edge, and are sustainably harvested from damaged or fallen branches in the state of Maine. They're shipped to Oklahoma so I can paint a beautiful custom portrait of your pet on the individual wood piece. Each slice of wood is different and unique, just like your pet! 

Q: How do I order one?

A: Visit my SHOP page at the scheduled release date and time. There will be 25 available each date. These sell out very quickly, so please do not delay in your purchase. I have a limited number of slices and once they are gone, they're gone!

Q: Why do you only release a limited quantity at a time?

A: Though smaller than my canvas portraits, each piece takes many hours from start to finish. These are a labor of love that I only release a few times a year. Please note that artLaBeau Studios is a legal small business, so after 30% is directly put toward taxes, the cost of materials, shipping & packaging, time spent conversing with each client, painting, drilling, packaging, countless trips to the post office...whew, I do not make much money off of these. However, after several years of offering these ornaments, I know pet lovers adore them and they are some of the most precious Christmas gifts given (especially if it's a first year without a beloved furry family member). It means the world to me that a pet portrait can bring such joy to the most wonderful people there are: animal lovers! 

Q: How much?

A: Each keepsake ornament is under $100 and ships for free.

Q: When do they ship?

A: During holiday months and due to an increase in orders this time of year, your portrait will be shipped 4-6 weeks after I receive the photo you'd like me to paint. However, every ornament is guaranteed to be shipped by December 16th even with the November release date.

Q: How do I send you a photo?

A: After your order is completed, please email me a photo **The best photos to paint from are taken straight on and at the animal's eye level in a well lit area. This allows me to see their face shape and eye color at the most flattering angle. You can send a few and I can pick the one that would translate best to an ornament if you like!