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Here's to ONE whole year of adventures, Jaxi!

It is so unbelievably, incredibly, and fabulously special to me to be able to capture all the milestones and watch a baby grow up. I'm stupidly getting emotional right now thinking about it.

Jaxi's whole journey has been one of love and happiness. So much joy! From mama's belly, to her crib as a newbie, to 6 months & sitting, and finally her first birthday. You can tell she's growing up surrounded by a ton of people who love and adore her.

Jessie, her gorgeous mama, contacted me with the idea of a hot air balloon theme for Jaxi's first birthday. I kid you not, I'd been planning on painting an "Adventure Awaits" backdrop with a hot air balloon at least a month before she messaged me. So serendipitous!

Jessie was making the outdoor balloon, so I decided to surprise her with an indoor version! If you haven't seen the making of video, watch it here:

Jaxi rocked it of course! How could I even choose a favorite?!

Next, we drove to a nearby park. Ummm... my heart SOARED when they took their hand-crafted hot air balloon out of the car. Guys!!!! Look at this masterpiece in action!

Yeah. I couldn't have even done a better job. Jaxi had fun too! Until she got a little hungry. I knew her parents would love the outtakes, so those stayed. Hey, it's real life!

I've also been able to photograph her brother, Jayden, from the start. He was SO good with her and a fab model for me too!

We tried SO hard to get a happy sibling photo at the end, but nope. That's okay though, the memories are PRICELESS!!!

I still crack up when I see these! I was able to face swap and get ONE decent one! :)

I cannot explain how much I adore this family. I worked with Jessie while we were both teachers in Moore and am so, SO grateful to her she's kept up with me throughout the years! Love you guys!


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