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Dreaming of Purple...

I met Molly in the fall of 2017. I had the honor of photographing her sweet family of four and we collected some amazing memories! Little did I know what the future would soon hold for her and I'm grateful to have been able to capture a small part of it. This spring I saw the purple trees on a walk with my Sophie girl and immediately thought of Molly. Trigger warning: pregnancy loss, but this beautiful story is filled with so much hope and love.

Here's Molly's story.

"Purple became significant even when I didn’t know it would be. During the family photo session Lauren did for us in September of 2017, I was wearing the lavender skirt she let me borrow. I was pregnant and hadn’t found out yet. Then, the week Adam and I were going to the doctor appointment to hear the heartbeat, Brooks told me about a dream he had about the baby and it was wearing pajamas with Purple Hearts 💜 It was pure and unprovoked. Two days later, during the ultrasound visit we learned that I was farther along than I thought. The baby was measuring 10 weeks 3 days. I was excited!! The next thing he said was, “Molly, I have some bad news. I’m not finding a heartbeat” 💔 I was DEVASTATED. As a mother, you protect your children, but my body let my baby die. I felt empty and confused. My sweet sweet doctor was so patient and caring. He assured me it was nothing I did. He also said that if we wanted to try again, we could in a month. He told me it wouldn’t be like this next time. 45 days later I was pregnant again. It was a mix of excitement and fear. I doubted my body but prayed for a healthy pregnancy. My beautiful rainbow girl came in Sept 2018. I cried when I saw her because it was such a relief that she was actually here and healthy!  Lauren's pictures capture my intense love and appreciation for this rainbow after my storm. The purple flowers are a beautiful way to honor my Angel baby."

Molly wanted to share her story in the hopes of bringing comfort to another family going through a similar situation. I have to add that Cora is one of the happiest, truly joyful little ones I've met. The boys are so smitten with her that they compete to hold her! This family made it out of a tough time and are truly soaking up all the moments: big and small! Here are a few images from the last couple of years.


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