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A love over 5 decades old

I’ve been holding out on the story behind this ornament. It made me cry for all the right reasons and is a wonderful reminder that the love between a dog and owner never ever ends. Do you see the dates?!! April 1966. January 1967.

Anyway, here’s what she told me, “Hi Lauren! I’ve been meaning to let you know how very much we LOVE all the ornaments! I knew it would be very emotional for my husband as it was for me when he laid his eyes on our babies that will always be in our hearts. I have to say, when he saw Petunia he cried & said you have such a special talent & he’s so very grateful for this special gift. *He had a rough childhood and Petunia was his best friend and safe place. When he saw her ornament, all those precious years of having her unconditional love & never feeling alone because of her flooded him with emotion. He said he shared everything with her. She was his Confidant❤️. For you to be able to take a pic from the 1960’s & bring her back to him is just amazing. He got her in 1961 & lost her in 1975. I have never seen a man cry for days like he did when we had to let her go. He knows he’s so lucky to have had 2 heart dogs in his life. You my friend have outdone yourself yet again with your huge heart & talent❤️We will always be grateful🥰

Well, here come the tears again. How incredible is that bond?! It is such a comfort to my soul to know people who love their dogs so tremendously. It makes ME feel less alone in my overwhelming love for my pups and grief over Savannah. I absolutely love dog lovers, cat lovers, anyone who treats their pets like the family members they are!

*Paraphrased that sentence for privacy!


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